Back in the swing of things

Boy, Boy, Boy!  Its been about 6 months since my last entry. First there was the arrival of my sweet little Hazel baby in August. Followed by several new clients and a crazy terrible winter. But now the sun is shining, Hazel is sleeping regularly, the coughs and colds are letting up and my taxes are done- whew! I’m ready to write now! I have been reading a couple new parenting books simultaneously that I hope to review here in the next couple weeks. For now, I thought I would model my favorite blogger Heidi Swanson (of vegetarian foodie fame, 101cookbooks, Everyday Supernatural) and do a Favorite List, pediatrician and now mother of 2 style.

for snotty noses 

For “about to be siblings”

Heavenly new recipe- Barley Risotto from this cookbook

this cloth diaper

These adorable baby shoes 

This TV show (yes, I was a big Felicity fan back in the day)

And for the locals- I had such a great experience again with my midwife Dinah Waranch of Lovers Lane Birth Center. My doula, Cheryl Johnson was amazing. My lactation consultant, the fabulous Judy Eastburn was quick to help us with a posterior tongue tie. If you are considering cloth diapering, a trip to the Nappy Shoppe in Plano is a must- they also have a GREAT selection of baby carriers/wearers. And for the cutest kid’s clothes in town, Little Bean.

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