Book Club- Beyond the Sling

Book Review

Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way by Mayim Bialik


Full disclosure, I have always liked Mayim Bialik. I cried my eyes out watching Beaches as a little girl and never missed an episode of Blossom. So naturally, when her book about attachment parenting (AP) came out, I was psyched. Now, while AP has always resonated with me, I can tell you that I am not an AP mother. I wanted to be and had a natural birth, breastfed and wore my baby until she would not sleep anywhere but snug between my boobs in the Moby. But I went back to work, sleep trained, and eventually weaned my little munchkin because I wanted to get out of town and not take a breast pump or my sweet little girl with me. Blossom (I simply cannot think of her by any other name) is a true AP die-hard. We are talking family bed, elimination communication, no date nights, breastfeeding for years, etc. Blossom brings her PhD in neuroscience to the table as well as her personal experience mothering two children. Her writing style is more endearing than preachy and the book flowed nicely. I think that people who are already leaning towards AP will appreciate this real life description of living as an AP family. AP is certainly a departure from “traditional” parenting in America. It’s nice to have a personal account from a well-educated mother with a sense of humor. Her children are still young, and so it will be interesting for her to do a follow up book when they are teenagers or adults. Overall, I enjoyed the book and found that it made me appreciate and enjoy the 4 am pitter-patter down the hallway when my daughter comes to get in bed with us rather than worrying about setting up bad sleep patterns.

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