Preventing and Treating Dry Skin

The cold crisp breezes outside and the heaters working overtime inside can take quite a toll on our babies’ sweet skin. Here are a few winter adjustments you can make to ensure that your little one’s skin is well cared for.

1.  Limit the time and frequency of baths– but wait, you might be saying “but my child loves her bath!”- I hear you, so does mine. You can let them play in the water- just use soap sparingly and only when needed and be sure to rinse it well. Try to keep your child from sitting in a soapy bath for more than ten minutes

2. After the bath- get that moisturizer on fast! Your moisturizer will work more effectively if applied to skin fresh from a bath. If you were using lotion in the summer, amp it up to a cream or ointment for the winter. I like Aquaphor for the face and dry spots and Aveeno eczema therapy cream for the rest of the body.

3.  Consider using a cool mist humidifier– this will help combat the drying effects of the heater in your home and help out those stuffy noses!

4. Consider a dietary supplement- We all know that omega-3s are important for healthy skin- but since it is the rare toddler that is eating flax seed encrusted salmon sticks- consider adding a supplement. If you are breastfeeding, you can take extra omega-3s yourself and pass it along through your breast milk. If you are not, add one teaspoon of flax oil daily to your babies bottle of formula. Toddlers can take one tablespoon of flax oil daily-try sneaking it in their yogurt.

5. Stay Hydrated- always, right?  Try to teach your baby the sign for water early on- so that they can communicate with you when they are thirsty before they have the words to express it. Start giving your baby water regularly when you start feeding them solids and always have water available.

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