“My husband and I feel like choosing LE as our pediatrician was one of our best parenting choices. From the moment our son was born three years ago (and even before), LE has been available to answer every question we have had – from how to handle run-of-the-mill colds, vaccination schedules, weight gain, healthy eating, behavioral issues, and now preparing for our second child – and all without judgment. We have appreciated that LE has held our hand when needed, and also helped us not to worry when needed too. I think we are more relaxed parents, knowing that we have such support readily available. ”

“We found Dr. Wolovits (aka LE) when my 3.5 y/o daughter was 4 months old. We’d gone to a highly recommended, natural-leaning pediatrician with a conventional office practice until then, but the visits left a bad taste in our mouth – we usually waited at least 30 minutes in an exam room (which sucks anyway but is especially hard with a tiny baby), then the doctor was in and out in 5 minutes. I figured there had to be a better way so I googled “home visit pediatrician in Dallas,” and found LE. She exclusively does home visits, which was awesome with one baby and even better with 2.  She’s also available around the clock, and means it. All her patients have her cell phone number and she answers or calls back within a few minutes. Best of all, most visits (unless they’re just shot visits) last at least an hour. An.entire.hour. With a super smart doctor. Who knows and cares about your family. What a luxury and blessing. ”

“My son was one of Dr. LE’s first patients and I have been blessed to have her as his pediatrician for 4 years now! The convenience of her ability to make house calls and to be reachable without having to go through a receptionist, nurse, etc like in a typical doctors office is worth every cent! She is a wonderful doctor who truly cares about her little patients and the parents. I wish she could treat adults too!”